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That Tattoo Show

Started as therapy. Myself & Chris started the channel during the first Covid lockdown in the UK in May 2020.

Locked in our houses we’d been chatting via facetime for a few evenings about tattooing, life, the universe and everything. I’d been filming a vlog and Chris had a review channel. So it wasn’t long before we decided to film the conversations (a podcast type thingy) and share them with other tattooists. We also decided to abandon our current channels and combine them to create the That Tattoo Show channel.

So we did.

The funny thing when you make a podcast with an old mate is that Chris and I very rarely agree about anything! We see things very differently and have different experiences. It very often makes for ‘lively’ debates to put it mildly!
I think our different positions on various topics – very often – reflect how the audience feels. We argue, give no quarter and laugh at each other like only friends can.
Over the 2+ years we’ve both been working on getting the quality as close to a broadcast-able TV show as possible and improving the content as much as we can.  Chris takes care of the Tattoo Reviews & News and I do the Education type stuff.
It’s very hard to get above the ‘static’ and constant noise that is the 21st century. We rely on the audience to tell their friends about the show and try very hard to make stuff that is informative and entertaining.
We plan to continue figuring out what content our audience really enjoy best. We aim the show at all tattooists, at all levels so we’re trying to make content that everyone can enjoy. Even non tattooists. The great thing about social platforms is that we get feedback from viewers instantly. They tell us what they do and don’t like and that gives us ideas for the direction to take the channel.

Of course, we’re not presenters so we’re learning as we go and from the feedback we get from our subscribers.

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