Paul Talbot.


Pretty much in that order…


Yeah! What IS it?

It’s Hi-Tech Piracy. Customised, Collaged, Painted, Played and Tattooed.


Paul Talbot is Re-examining bits and pieces of what’s been discarded in the haste of the late 20th century and sticking them together. Sounds from a Postmodern Science-Fiction Movie Set Ten Minutes in The Future. Global Slang for The Common Man. Pornography for Plutocrats.The Myth, and the Religion of Design Or Die. Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. So Kiss The Future. Forget The Past. Stealing From The Thieves And Selling It Back. Resist Baby! If You Don’t Understand What’s Going On Then It’s Probably Art. Repeating The Meaningless Until It Means Even Nothing More. Like A Hub Cap Diamond Star Halo. Another Ego-Star With A Crystal Sheen Guitar. Don’t Bore Us Get To The Chorus. London-Paris-NewYork-Munich Everybody Loves MMM-Pop Music. A Flesh And Machine Multi-Media Statement. So Put On Your Mouse Ears And Get In Line. Because Right Now Is Harder Than It Looks. Mind The Oranges Marlon. Mix me a Molotov. An Irreverent Revolution Or An Incoherent Evolution? Who Cares.This Is Ours To Destroy.


If you like electronica, 80’s soundtracks and post punk guitars then take a listen to my music.

Look out for some limited edition physical releases later this year in some very special formats with unique ArtworX;)


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