1 to 1 Mentoring Day


Teaching is one of my passions.

Over the years, I’ve taught countless musicians, designers, journalists and tattooists. During the process all of them have expressed thanks for the knowledge and wisdom I’ve imparted.

Honestly, I’m not sure about the wisdom, but, during the time I’ve been presenting and writing That Tattoo Show and writing my regular column in Total Tattoo Magazine I’ve been also been contacted about sharing my knowledge and approach to the world of being a professional creative. And, this got me thinking about the possibility of teaching and sharing what I’ve learnt.

With many young and new artists struggling to start along with established artists trying to keep up, this seemed like a perfect time to offer one to one mentoring days.


Why One-to-One?

The Formal classroom setting is often not the best setting for tattooists.


My experience has taught me that we’re just not those kinds of learners. I’ve spent hours in classroom settings and, whilst it can be perfect for some things, it’s not always the best solution for creatives.

Paul Talbot Mentor

Seminars are a ‘one size fits’ all approach to individual problems.


Seminars are great if you’re presenting a single subject to a similar student understanding level but it can’t cover the individuals or the ‘outside edges’. Seminars hit the middle and our problems are rarely in the middle.

Paul Talbot Mentor

And, retreats and getaways are a just bit too ‘culty’ for me!

Paul Talbot Mentor

Through conversation & demonstration.


One to one mentoring will help me, help you answer your branding problems.

Just book your one to one mentoring day and, when Carron reaches out to schedule it, tell her in which area you’re struggling and I’ll build a day around that.

AND It’s for Brand/Shop Owners too

If you are launching or have a tattoo brand, own or run a studio, product or service, I would be only to happy to help you get started or solve any problems you’ve run into. You can see a small selection of the many brands I’ve worked with over the years on my Behance Portfolio.

Examples Day:

  • Personal/Company/Product Branding
  • Positioning Your brand
  • Building your Reputation
  • Crafting your Elevator Pitch
  • Leveraging YOUR VOICE for Branding
  • Perfecting the Package

Please Note: This is NOT a tattoo training course and there will be NO Tattooing. It is designed for professional tattooists, brand mangers and owners looking to improve their knowledge of business, branding, marketing, selling, software and workflows.