Sketchbook – Procreate Stamp Set


Give your own designs that SwissGrit look.

A collection of 20 analog, grungy pencil scribbles and smudges. Use them as stamps to add some 90’s Grunge attitude to your designs or use them as brushes or erasers to erode your designs and make them look just that little bit more Lo-Fi.

Sketchbook is the brush set I turn to when I want my grunge a little more ‘organic’, It adds the kind of feel I get by hand drawing elements over my analog collages. It’s one of my favourites sets, exported directly from my iPad. Now you can use them in your tattoos & artworks to help you get that 90’s Grungy Analog, SwissGrit look into your pieces.

How to download:

Once you’ve purchased the brushes you’ll get an email with a download link. Click this link from your iPad. The download will install into your Procreate brushes Library.


Procreate, Ipad.

All prices include tax

You will get a .zip (36MB) file